Sunday, September 9, 2012

Questions 10 - 12

Finishing with the questions, so tomorrow I will start sharing my goals and day-to-day weight loss documentation.

10. Are you afraid of disappointing others?

As social beings, part of the hardships of losing weight was to cope up with how people around us - especially those near to us - treat us while losing weight. I remember one time, I was on the Herbalife system and my bestfriend's boyfriend came over our house (I used to live in the same apartment as my bestfriend and her cousin) and they cooked some fishballs. They were trying to convince me to eat as it looked awkward that they were eating and I was not. I tried to fight it, but I was so weak that I gave in. Scenarios like this one changes, but the effect was still the same... there were times that in my efforts not to disappoint someone, I'd give in.

Written Exercise
Make a list of people in your life who may be affected by your weight loss efforts. Once the list is complete, begin to communicate with each person about the importance of his support.

I work at home, so the people who may be affected is my family. I was quite strict with my food intake last year that it limit my eating out... and there were times that my family felt sad that I didn't come with them, or I'd eat very little. My sister was the one who was greatly affected last year - she would always get upset with me whenever I turned down food trip invitation. Well, I was somewhat successful last year (he he he), so I know dealing with my family will not be difficult this time.

11. Do you ever blame something or someone else for your inability to lose weight?

I guess this is somewhat similar to my answer in #9.

Written Exercise
List the three most important things that you want to accomplish in the year ahead. List all of the obstacles that are currently in your way of accomplishing thing, then list the things that you can do to overcome this obstacles.

The three things that I want to accomplish for the next 12 months would be: to climb Mt. Pulag, to be at 150 lbs., and to do Shaun T.'s Insanity workout. The one big obstacle I have is actually myself, because I control my choices in life - exercise / food wise. As long as I keep my eye on the prize, I will accomplish the goals I set for myself to do.

12. Do you ever feel that you don't deserve to be happy or successful?

Partly yes, especially when it comes to relationships. I don't see myself as pretty and as worthy to be loved, hence whenever a guy would show interest on me, I'd often show him bad sides of my attitude to drive him away. Same goes with how I interact with people - I can't claim I am good at anything, therefore I am always the wallflower.

Written Exercise
Write about the times that you've experienced success and/or happiness and then did something to sabotage the feeling or achievement. Include dates, if you can.

I guess I just answered that.. read my last paragraph. :)

It's now 11:30pm... and I need to get up at 5am tomorrow. Colinas Verdes is waiting for me. :)

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  1. You can do it! I started doing Sean T's Insanity workouts about two months a go and they're pretty intense. My goal is to be able to just complete one without a break by the end of this month. They always leave me out of breath!

    Love these question posts!


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