Friday, August 24, 2012

I Walked Alone

Wednesday was supposed to be a walking / jogging day for Kutchie and I, but around 4am, she messaged me saying she will be having a meeting (she works the graveyard shift) and she wasn't sure if she could still meet me. I told her, I'd still go to Colinas Verdes, and just asked her to message me once she's there so I could meet her. Of course, I also told her it would be okay if she couldn't make it.

Model Houses

I was hopeful she could still make it, so by the time I reached this part of the area where the model houses are, I decided to just jog 'til I reach the end of the street and jog back again - just until Kutchie arrives. I was able to make three rounds, but there was an odd creepy feeling jogging alone, so I decided to just walk along the main road. I did get to reach the clubhouse and walked past it, but a few meters away from the clubhouse, very light rain started to drizzle. I didn't bring any umbrella, so by then I knew it was time for me to walk back.

Kutchie never messaged me, so I assumed she decided to come home after work. No worries, as this is for myself and not for anyone else.

Some random pictures I took that day -

Cocoon? Grass Insect

> Was it a cocoon? I actually don't know, but I didn't bother to get more curious because I felt there might be a live creature inside and if I ruined its home, then I didn't help the creature serve its purpose in life.

> Nothing extraordinary... just tall flowering grasses.

> A very pretty insect. When I spotted this, there were two insects, but me coming near them, one flew away. :(

Lady Jogger

This morning, I didn't wear a jacket or a sweatshirt because it wasn't really sunny. This morning, too, I decided to wear pink very light fabric shorts, and halfway through my route, I realized my clothes were soaking in sweat, and my bottoms looks like I peed on them. I felt good that I sweated that much, but I felt a little ashamed how my clothes looked, and when this woman passed by, I thought it would be good if I start buying leggings or jogging pants that will not really show if it's wet or not. Because of how I look, I didn't take the jeepney home - I decided to walk all the way home as I didn't want to offend other passengers who are all dressed up and ready for work or school.

Late that afternoon, I went to walk to the market with my brother. I was talking to him about the leggings/jogging pants issue when we passed by a shop that has leggings / jogging pants / capri pants on sale! Talk about universe aligning to my advantage! I did get to buy three pairs, and I am so excited to use them! :)

Food? I had Fitnesse Cereals for breakfast, spaghetti with ground pork for lunch, and 1 small crab with rice for dinner. Water intake was 20 cups.

PhotoStory Friday

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