Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Morning Walk with Kutchie

For the longest time, I felt stuck where I was. I know I had to do something, but as much as I am willing to lose weight again, the monsters inside me are always winning. People around me (well, Facebook friends, that is) are mostly into losing weight / getting in shape, and I was like, "With so much inspiration around me, why can't I carry my own weight?"

Last week, my friend Kutchie started posting about her ways of getting back in shape, and I did notice she's slimmer than she was before. Messaging her, I found out she has lost 27lbs. in 2 months. That is out of this world awesome! Her response made me feel guilty and at the same time jealous. I asked her if it's okay if we go out and walk (since she's walking in her neighborhood) and we set Monday (yesterday, 20 August 2012) to do it.

Sunday night, I was sick. My whole body was aching, my eyes were teary, my head felt it was about to explode. I planned of cancelling this walk with my friend, but I told myself I'd rest early and make a final decision Monday morning. I woke up at 5am feeling okay despite sneezing every now and then, so I went out to meet my friend.

Kutchie and Jenn Kutchie and Jenn Kutchie and Jenn

Kutchie and I have been friends since we were kids. We live in the same street and were classmates, until they moved to a different location (we were in the 4th grade that time). She enrolled in my school come Grade 5, but we were close to different classmates, so even if we were still good friends then, we weren't the "best friend" type anymore. After that school year, she transferred schools and we only got to see each other twice during our high school days, then we met again after college. Thanks to Facebook, we kept in touch, and even if we don't see each other that much, Facebook was there to update us about our lives.

We walked leisurely for two hours - sharing stories about life and the people around us. It was a great way to catch up on the old times, but we do know the next time we go out, we better have some weights to help the arms shape up as well.

The pictures above I took near the gate of Colinas Verdes on our way out (big thanks to this pile of cement cylinders where I placed the camera). While we couldn't do this everyday as she came from work and hasn't slept yet, we did agree to meet again this Wednesday.

Some pictures I took while we walked:

Colinas Verdes Clubhouse DragonflyHorse Leafless Tree

> The Colinas Verdes Clubhouse from afar - by the end of the route, I asked her if she's still up for more distance. We took a few meters taking the road to Ciudad Real, and took this image on our way back.
> A dragonfly - part of my morning walks is to notice different things around me, and because I don't get to see dragonflies everyday, seeing one that day made the walk much better.
> A horse - this we saw near where we had our pictures taken.
> A leafless tree - just plain pretty!

I was thankful and happy I convinced myself to get up and get going. I actually sneezed a lot during the walk, but walking and perspiring and sharing stories with a friend made it all worth it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do the rest of my exercises because of my flu-like symptoms, but I did perspire a lot during the day - cleaning the house, walking to the market and cooking, as my mom hosted a dinner party for her church org household.

Kutchie and I promised we would give it a 100% to lose 2lbs by Monday next week. I don't want to fail myself. She now weighs less than I am, and I really want to catch up with her current weight. Thanks for showing me the light, Kutch! See you on Wednesday!

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