Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mom's Ralph Lauren Shoes

It's been a looong time since we last posted here, too much problems with the Internet connection, plus a few more personal problems (on my part) made it difficult for me to update all the blogs as much as I can. Happily, Internet is much better now, and that I am slowly going back to my fitness routines... means I can now go back to blogging, too.

For next few days, weeks even, let me just share bits and pieces from our closet. Thrift/surplus shopping is something us girls - Mom, Sis, and I - share in common. We love to check different Thrift shops and Surplus shops, because we do feel we get our money's worth that way. :)

About two weeks ago, mom told me she and friends at work visited this Japanese Surplus shop along Quirino Highway. She was able to buy two pairs of shoes (will share this next time as she left one pair in the office) and some dining plates and bowls, and the weekend following that, she asked me if I would like to go back to the shop as she's looking for some soup bowls and hopefully a folding table we could use during occasions. We didn't get to see a table, but she did get to buy some bowls and drinking glasses. On my part, I was able to buy a fabric sling bag and a cup.

There weren't much fashion items for sale (most are housewares), and I was a bit sad that there weren't any shoes that I would fit into, but I did get to see something that caught my interest:

Ralph Lauren Shoes (Thrifted)

A pair of Ralph Lauren Collection shoes. It looks just fine, though this one's pre-loved, so there were scratches on the sole. I told mom it looked authentic - checking the label on the soles, so mom placed it in our basket after fitting it.

The first two pairs of shoes she bought at this store cost p200 a pair, mainly because the shoes were brand new (soles were still immaculate). At first we didn't know how much this will cost, but upon checking out - the store manager charged just p100 for this pair of shoes. Yes, just one hundred pesos. Such a steal, eh?

Well, we don't know just how long my mom can use this pair of shoes, if cheap meant using it for a short time, then I guess that short amount of time would be worth it.

Personally, I feel bad that my shoe size is quite big (US size 8, EUR size 39). I once was able to buy a pair of footwear at a thrift shop, but it was just so difficult to find footwear I could fit into. Hopefully someday I can chance upon a good pair of shoes at such a cheapo price.

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