Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outfit of the Day - Nearly All Black

I was supposed to share this last night, but Internet has been slow.

A few days before brother flew to Cagayan de Oro, we both attended the NBA 3X presscon at the Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. It is located way too far from our house, so we traveled very early just so we won't be late (and we were also excited to see NBA players in person). Obviously, we got there ahead of time, giving us the chance to roam around the hotel grounds and of course, pose for pictures.

Lately, I noticed I have gained weight, mainly because of stress. I sometimes don't understand it - at work I sometimes forget to eat and when I do I don't get to eat a lot because my break time is short... and at home I sometimes just sleep because I was already tired, and I still am gaining weight. I am starting to feel conscious about it, so I went for a (nearly) all black ensemble for this event.

Top - Esprit
Leggings - bought at a tiangge
Shoes - Auztralian

The shoes I wore was the other pair I bought at Landmark the last time I shopped. It was a pair of tall wedge (probably 5 inches), but very comfortable to use. I normally don't go for black-brown combination, but I wanted to test drive the wedge, and I was glad it didn't give me any sorts of discomfort.

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