Monday, December 16, 2013

Franken Nail Polish | Blurred Lights

December truly is one busy month for all of us, but because the family is set to travel to Cagayan de Oro after Christmas and might not be able to update any of the blogs for one week (as gadgets will be WiFi dependent and we are not sure if there will be free WiFi to grasp), my sister Jessie and I will make sure all blogs will be update this week, so the gaps between posts won't be that big if ever we won't be able to blog once we fly to Cagayan de Oro.

Okay, today is Monday, time for a manicure post. My last mani post was the first part of the Glitter Collection by Bobbie Nail Creme, but I had to put it on hold because it's less than 10 days 'til Christmas and I just felt the need to do Christmas nail art and share them before the occasion comes. There will be three Christmas related manicure, starting with this one.

Franken Nail Polish | Blurred Lights

I forgot the brand of this certain nail polish, but ever since I saw this specific glitter nail polish called "Salt and Pepper" online (UK online shop), I have always wanted to own the same kind of nail polish. I even bought a tube of glitter at a craft store to try if I can create one like it, but I realized there are glitters that melt with the nail polish and it was such a disaster.

When Paula of Wow Nails! shared a franken nail polish with white base with multi-colored glitters, it rekindled my interest and I started playing with my bottles of nail polish .

To create this, I used five different kinds of nail polish:

  1. Snow White by Sweet Cherry
  2. Marquise by Caronia
  3. Shaker #3 by Bobbie Gradation Nail Polish
  4. Christmas Polka by Caress Nail Polish
  5. The Big Bang by Bobbie Premium Nail Creme
I started with the base nail polish - Snow White, as the bottle only had about 1/3 of nail polish left. Then, I poured the entire contents of Shaker #3, as the bottle was so small and the pinkish clear nail polish holding the silver hex glitters was starting to thicken. I realized, going for silver glitter didn't look good with white nail polish as it didn't create the kind of look I wanted. Because of this, I poured little of Christmas Polka and The Big Bang just to create a little dimension with the colors. Finally, I added a few drops of Marquise to add more fine glitter dust.

Franken Nail Polish | Blurred Lights

I called this creation "Blurred Lights" as it resembled the look I get when I aim to go take bokeh shots of our Christmas lights. It's packed with glitters, but it dried flat - as if I created a glitter sandwich, and it looked very subtle that I was actually very pleased with it.

* Jenn *

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