Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Hectic Weekend With Mom and Sis

When my mom filed for retirement, one of the biggest concerns she had was her social life. Seeing how my late father struggled with adjusting to life at home, my mom first thought that as soon as she stopped working, her social life will also stop. Well, for the first few months was quiet - she would just stay inside her room and watch TV, but for the past two months, things had been going better for her. She would spend early mornings with some neighbors walking around the plaza, or she would attend several meetings and events.

Shakey's Hero Sandwich

Our weekend started last Friday. Mom received a message from the bank about her newly opened account (where her monthly pension would be deposited). It made her a little worried, so she asked me to come with her. The bank was full house when we got there and even if she was the fifth person on line for the customer service, the line just wasn't moving! It was way past lunch time when we finished with the inquiries, so for lunch mom decided to treat me to some good lunch, and instead of eating at a fast food, we went to eat at Shakey's, her choice of restaurant. It was my first time to eat their Hero Sandwich and even if it was packed with cold cuts, it was very delicious!

Chocolate Bacon Maple Cupcakes Bibingka Chicken Intestines BBQ

Saturday was a food day for us - I experimented with another cupcake recipe, then after attending some festivities, mom came home with a Bibingka for us to share, and for dinner sister and I had something exotic for dinner - barbecued chicken intestines. Dipped in spicy vinegar, it was awesome!

Mom with Jollibee and Regine Tolentino with Regine Tolentino and her Daughters

Sunday was a long day for mom and I, we started it with an event for a Christmas Party organized by Jollibee, where we shared a hearty meal with other bloggers and their families.

Food Tasting

As soon as the event ended, we quickly hailed a taxi going to a food tasting event. My mom's friend is opening a restaurant and they are in the process of gathering information about their dishes, and because mom's friend knows I am a food blogger, they want to know my thoughts about the foods they plan to serve once the restaurant opens.

Of course, I didn't photograph any of the dishes as it was confidential, but based on what I tasted, I think their dishes would do good.

Ayala Triangle, Makati City Ayala Triangle, Makati City
Mom and I Mom and Sis

We then met up with sister after her work and we walked to the mall to check some stuff then walked to Ayala Triangle to see the dancing Christmas lights. It was a long walk from the mall, but totally worth it. After eating dinner, we decided it was time to go home, and although it took us more than hour to wait for the bus to arrive, it had been a smooth ride 'til we got home.

My mom's schedule is filled for this week. Last Monday, she went to the Baranggay Hall to process some documents, then today she attended a friend's birthday. Tomorrow, she and I are going to watch the Barbie Musical (thanks to a blogger friend who gave us tickets for the show), and we still plan to go to Aunt Mary's house so I could return the books I borrowed and take home new books. December is certainly a busy month for everybody, but I am just so happy that my mom's social life is slowly getting better and better.

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