Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Valentine's Day Nails

I am not big on nail art as I don't have the talent, but there are events that calls for special nail art - Christmas and Valentine's Day. I was able to create simple nail art last Christmas, but wasn't able to share it here on the blog as I became very busy and my netbook suddenly gave up on me, so I told myself I will not let Valentine's Day pass by without sharing a special manicure. Well, it's been a week since VDay, but it is still the love month, so here was what I wore last hearts day:

Ombre Nails Ombre Nails
Valentine's Day Nail Art

I hoped to create hearts and other elaborate yet easy designs, but I just can't get it right, so I ended up with a very simple design. I went back to doing ombre nails, featuring two pink nail polishes. For this I used OMG Nail Polish in First Date and OMG Crystal Sand Nail Polish in Quartz. If you don't know how to make the ombre nail design, all you need are sponge (a lot of nail art enthusiasts use make up sponge, but for this I used the ordinary sponge used in soaping the dishes) and sticky tape (either scotch tape or masking tape) to wrap around your fingertips for easy clean up. Just cut a reasonable sponge size, brush a small amount of nail polish across it (two lines - one for each color) and dab the sponge on your nails, until you get the desired ombre effect.

Some would go for a different route - paint all their nails with the base the color and dab the sponge with the second color halfway through their nails. Either way is okay, just go with what you think works best for you. As for me, I decided to swatch both colors on the sponge and work on my nails one at a time.

As a topcoat, I used Christmas Polka by Caress Nail Polish... and a little bit of an experiment, I applied a coat of matte top coat after a few days and it looked great, too.

Ombre nails doesn't need to be just two colors; you can work with more colors if you want, as long as you go for the lightest shade to the darkest. Next time, I will go for three.

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