Friday, June 7, 2013

OMG Nail Polish | Banana Boat

When it comes to nail polish, my usual colors have been brown, pink, and little of purple. When I started loving the look of painted nails, I started going for colors outside of my comfort zone - blue, green, and orange. Even then, I liked the idea of using yellow nail polish, but was always afraid that it would not look good on my slightly dark skin tone.

Once, a blogger pal made a comment on a Facebook thread about coffee saying, "I know a person who claims she's a coffee addict yet only drinks Starbucks. How can you be a coffee addict if you're only going for one brand? Addiction knows no limit, right?" That comment had always been memorable with me (nope, I am not the person in the comment, I am pretty much an instant coffee type of a person, my last Starbucks was May 2011), and I applied that same principle with my budding addiction to nail polish.

OMG Nail Colors | Banana Boat
OMG Nail Colors | Banana Boat

If I call myself a nail polish addict, I should have no limit, too, right? So... I bought myself a bottle of yellow nail polish, and I was so happy that it turned out to be okay.

I have been sharing a few OMG Nail Colors here on the blog, so you already know that I didn't like the brush of this brand, and this was no different. The good side is that I love the consistency of the nail polish... you can go as thick as you want and the lacquer evens out and dries flat, and it doesn't bubble despite the thick application as well. Speaking of drying, I loved that this dries very quick - dry to touch within minutes and is fully dry after an hour.

It can be a good one-coater, but because of the brush I had to go for two thick coats. No top coat for this as I am going to top it with a glitter top coat, which I will share on Monday.


  1. Hi Jenn,
    Wow, that FB person really had a point. I was in the same 'boat' - pun intended ;) - with you in that I stuck to the same colors. I actually just bought an orange because I figured I at least need to try it once and you know what, it wasn't so bad....

    <3 Kali
    Kali Now Living

  2. This is a great yellow! I've been wary myself, as it's a colour that sometimes looks realllllllllly bad. Haha! This one looks great on you though!

  3. Very pretty. I've never heard of this brand but may have to check it out :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. this is such a pretty yellow!


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