Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Search for the Silver Shoes

Brother is getting married later this year and sister and I are going to be their bridesmaids. The couple will provide our gowns, but they specifically asked that all the ladies part of the entourage (except for the couples' mothers) should wear a pair of silver shoes.

Honestly, wearing heeled shoes (even wedges) are something I struggle with. I rarely wear heeled shoes, and I joked that I would wear silver flip flops instead. Of course, the discomfort is nothing compared to how my brother loved and took care of me to the best of his abilities, so whenever I had the chance, I would pass by the shoe department of the mall to check out silver shoes. The girls and I have tried quite a lot of pairs already, but here are four of what I was able to photograph:

This was the very first pair I got to see. It's by the brand Auztralian, and was on sale at the Landmark Makati for only 300 pesos (roughly 7.14usd). Very, very cheap pair of shoes - very rare would you get to see shoes priced low like that, that I wanted to buy it right there and then, but the height of the shoes hindered me. A few weeks after, the family went on a family day out and re-checked if the shoes was still there, but sister suggested I let this go... that even if she understood my reason that it was cheap and I only got to wear it once anyway (that there is no need to buy expensive shoes), the discomfort would never be worth it.

This one I saw at the Landmark Makati a month after I found the first pair. It's a Korean brand that I wasn't able to remember, but this priced at 500 pesos (12 usd) was a better choice compared to the other one. Last weekend of September, sister and I went back to the mall and it was still available at the same price, so I told myself I would buy it come October. I didn't buy it then because sister and I already agreed to buy some items for the kitchen.

Sister and I were walking towards EDSA in Makati City when we passed by the shoe department of SM Makati. Sister suggested we check it out as well, and the brand Chelsea had a few interesting silver shoes. This one had a nice height and was sturdy to take my weight (I hate it when the shoe wobbles as you take your step). This one cost 800 pesos (about 19usd), still within my price range.

Another Chelsea shoe I tried. It looks cute, but the part covering my two smallest toes caused discomfort. This also cost 800 pesos.

About a week ago, mom and I went out to do errands and after we sent brother some items he needed for his wedding, a thrift shop with fronting the LBC branch caught our attention. I once remembered Ria's story to us about her friend who is studying to be a stylist and their circle of friends suggested she check different thrift shops to buy shoes to cut on the cost of materials needed for her projects. I suggested that we check it out. The thrift shop sells ladies shoes at 110 pesos (about 2.50usd), so we did take the time to check the pairs.

Honestly, buying stuff at thrift shops doesn't make me go "eeee," provided I check and scrutinize each of the items very carefully. Ladies shoes has to be in mint condition, no dark foot marks, and the soles have to be in good shape as well. One thing I would never ever buy at the thrift shop would be shoes made from fabric as well as rubber / running shoes (unless I could say that it was not worn yet) because if the shoes were once owned by other people, I feared the shoes have already absorbed the sweat from its previous owner's feet. If the shoes were something I could clean and disinfect, then it's okay.

The Silver Shoes Silver Shoes

This pair was something mom spotted. It was in pristine condition and the soles only had minimal scratches, possibly from the people who tried it on. I did wipe it with tissue soaked in alcohol before trying it on, and hooray hooray, it fit well! Mom insisted I get this instead... reminding me of my reasons for buying the shoes for brother's wedding - cheap yet sturdy, because I would only wear it once. I was still debating whether I'd buy it or not (because I was already set on buying the Korean branded shoes), but mom really, really wanted it that she immediately went to the cashier to pay for it, and just told me that if I didn't want it, I could hand it over to sister... then she made a segue that I should treat her to lunch because she paid for this pair. Hahahaha.

Personally, I would really want to wear shoes with open toes because I wanted to show my painted toenails, but it would be a waste if I will still buy a new pair. I'd rather use my 500 pesos to buy books and nail polish.

Bossini Black Blouse/Dress
Bossini Black Blouse/Dress Bossini Black Blouse/Dress

Dress - Bossini
Shoes - Zhuiyuegege
Necklace - bought at the flea market
{the green and yellow rubber sandals on other pictures are both Ipanema}
{nail polishes on my toes - Pussy Red by Klik and Midnight by Sassy Colors}

Like I told, I am not used to wearing heeled shoes, so I am training myself to get used to it by wearing it at least 2 hours everyday. I still end up with tired, aching feet after the two hours, but the wedding is still two months away anyway.

This dress I first wore last Christmas (2012). I gained weight since then, but I am just glad that I could still fit into it. I know, I need to lose weight... I am actually trying my best to minimize the food intake, but at the moment I still can't exercise because I did something to my skin and I am not allowed to wet it for three days. Today's the third day... so tomorrow I will start with the Les Mills video workout then push with the challenges next week.

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  1. Aww, Maryjanes in Silver. I LOVE THEM! I do suggest that you wear them to your brother's wedding, especially if they are comfortable.

    1. This fit good, sis... and will definitely wear it to brother's wedding.


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