Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OOTD | Green as a Leaf

Oh geez... this blog has been neglected. Actually, all the blogs aren't updated regularly due to many reasons, and sadly, this blog was the most neglected one. I thought of closing this one and just post all my stories on my other blog, but Jessie asked me not to... because she still want something to get back to once her schedule clears up.

So... what's up with us? Well, all of us are still struggling to lose weight and each attempt just ends up in failure. I have gained a pound or two in the last month, but because she and I are going to be bridesmaids for brother's wedding, we really should be focusing on it. Well, I will focus on that next week, after "Aunt Flo" leaves. Mom is enjoying her time at home and is always up until midnight watching TV. Jessie is having a few work-related stress, but it's something she can manage, although her spare time is always used to catch up on sleep.

Moonleaf - Maginhawa QC

Top - no brand (bought at the Landmark)
Cropped Trousers - George (Women)
Footwear - Ipanema

Last Monday, Jessie and I accompanied mom to process some documents, and after eating lunch, I asked them if they still want to use the Moonleaf GC I have (given to me when I attended a Moonleaf event), because it was the last time to use the GC (it expired that day). The Maginhawa branch was the nearest to our current location (we ate lunch at KFC East Avenue), so we went there to enjoy drinks and time together.

I have asked my sister to take my pictures far too many times, but I still feel a little disappointed whenever she would make crazy crops - like how much space there is at the top while my leg and foot was chopped off... but like always, this one's okay enough.

Happy hump day, everyone!

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