Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OOTD - Bitchy Beach Weather

If you got to read an old post of ours, you may have read that Jenny and I both won hotel accommodations in Boracay, and because my voucher expires on September, we decided to push through with a Boracay trip last weekend.

It wasn't the best time to travel to Boracay. My sister Jenny was just there last June and was able to see its beauty, but because a typhoon just hit the country and another one was on its way, it was a rainy weekend for us.

Tube Top - Arizona 
Bikini Top - Body Glove
Shorts - XXI

Jenny described the beach she loved as a huge saltwater swimming pool because the sand doesn't go deep until a few meters away from the shore and the water is so calm (no waves) with bright aquamarine shade that's so clear and clean. Because of the everyday rains, we were greeted with not so clear water and strong waves. Still, because we intended to get wet and enjoy the beach, we still had fun in the water despite the unfortunate circumstances.

I didn't get to see just how beautiful the place really is, but I loved it there. I am very much eager to travel back there next year.

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