Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outfit of the Day | An Apple a Day

Good morning! I am back to the graveyard shift, giving me this little time to squeeze in a short post before I sleep.

Top - Korean Made Blouse (brand's in Hangul)
Skirt - Styles
Footwear - Grendha
Bag - Style & Co.

My top is in my closet for maybe four years now. My sister Jenny won at a fun blog giveaway hosted by her friend Laarni (of Laarnaay) when she opened an online boutique back then. She told Laarni that if she wins, she will give the blouse to me, and even if Laarni sent her the biggest size (Korean made blouses aren't that big, by the way, I am not sure if they have plus size blouses), my sister still gave it to me.

The blouse has been in the closet, forgotten. But when I finally decided to check my closet for clothes I still want to use, I found this one and was happy that it still fits me well, considering I gained weight over the years. It has a wide neck line, and it's up to me if I will let it fall on both of my shoulders or drag it to one side. This kind of blouse makes me thankful for having fancy bra straps, which works as an accessory or part of the blouse as well.

The skirt was something I bought at the SM Surplus Shop, and the pair of sandals I wore this day is originally my mom's, but because it fits my feet, too, I borrow it every now and then. I find it amazing that I can sometimes borrow my mom's footwear and I can borrow my sister's footwear, too, making it look as if I own lots of shoes, when in fact, I just borrowed a few of them. :)

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