Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

My ever dearest sister celebrated her birthday earlier this week and despite the busy, busy day... the whole family was still able to celebrate it.

After a very sumptuous dinner at Shakey's, we went to the SM Storyland because mom and sis wanted to ride the rollercoaster. Well, we all had too much to eat, so brother and I wanted to sit out on this but mom was very eager to go.

On Jenny:
Top - Admit One
Shorts - Cherokee
Flip Flops - Caribbean
Bag - Style & Co.
Eyewear - Firmoo

On Me:
Top - Old Navy
Shorts - Mossimo
Sandals - Grendha
Bag - Style & Co.

My sister bought her "Blondie" shirt at a sale. She was so ecstatic when she saw it because she said Blondie's "Call Me" was at Billboard #1 the week she was born, so even if she personally didn't like wearing pieces of clothing bearing real person's picture (even if she has so many favorite celebrities she doesn't like wearing either the Beatles or Hanson shirts), she still bought it and said she'd wear it on her birthday.

As for my top, it was initially bought by my sister. She seldom uses the dressing room - she usually just checks the item and decide from its size if she could fit into it or not, and because she normally buys Old Navy clothing in size large, she bought this without fitting it. Well, it turned out to be way too small for her, so she just gave it to me. Freebies, I just love it! :)

I still haven't bought any gift for my sister, but I am thinking of either buying her a book or a Despicable Me Minion stuffed toy.

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