Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Strawberry Fields

Hello, hello!

I, together with my mom and brother got home from La Union around 5am today, while Jessie traveled back to Manila yesterday morning because she has to report at work last night. Her shift ended 6am today, but she's still not home...morning rush, possibly.

For this week's OOTD post, let me share something we wore went we went to the Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Strawberry Fields

On Jessie:
Top - Esprit
Shorts - Bullhead
Shades - i2i
Flip Flops - Caribbean

Benguet province is known for its cool climate. Brother calls it "the place with the best centralized air conditioning system." Temperature wasn't as cold as it was early February, but Jessie opted to wear her thick knitted top, which was a hand-me-down from mom. Mom bought this for herself, but because of her short frame, the top didn't look good on her and decided to give it to Jessie. Weather may be cool, but she still chose to wear a pair of denim shorts, as he said packing smaller clothes was much easier than packing pants.

Strawberry Fields

On Me:
Top - no brand, but it's a Thailand product, which I bought at a weekend market
Slacks - George (Women)
Sandals - FitFlops
Bags - LeSportSac, Samsonite (camera bag)

Jessie and I had the same sentiments about wearing long sleeves while keeping the luggage light. I chose this particular top because it was made of light material (which looked a bit like a gauze, but much compact). It didn't provide the much needed warmth, but it was able to hide the big flabby upper arms. :)

The slacks were originally long (reaching up to my ankles). I didn't like the length, so I cut it and made it look like a long pair of shorts.

When we first went here (2008), farmers didn't really allow tourists to come near the strawberry fields...but when they started allowing tourists to pick strawberries (price much more expensive than buying from the sellers nearby), it allowed more people to come to this side of the province. We didn't pick any strawberries, but we did took our time photographing the fruits, vegetables (there were parts of land planted with different veggies), the scenery, and the people.

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