Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What We Wore on Marjonel's Wedding

Last week, Jessie shared her outfit during cousin Theresa's wedding last January. Last weekend, we attended another cousin's wedding, and here's what we wore:

Sister's Outfit

On Jessie:
Dress - Divisoria bought
Shoes - thrifted
Accessories - bracelet and necklace (borrowed from mom) | watch (Esprit)
Bag - Nine West

This picture was taken after the ceremony (the couple was having pictures taken with family and friends); I took some time to take my seat as I was standing, walking around during the ceremony (taking pictures), and because one of the guests left the umbrella on one of the chairs, Jessie asked me to take a picture as she said it's close to impossible for her to use umbrella on a sunny day. Anyway, she wasn't able to fit the dress she bought at Divisoria (most shops there don't have a fitting room) and just trusted her guts that the dress would fit. I was glad it did fit her. Funny thing though... this style / cut of the dress is sort of popular here in the Philippines, and at the event, there were two or three more ladies wearing the same style. Good thing they wore different fabric designs. :)

Outfit of the Day

On me:
Dress - Tsumori Chisato
Shoes - Caizhili
Bag - borrowed from Maicks
Accessories -  ring (Divisoria bought) | necklace (given by brother from Boracay)

The dress was slightly big on me, but it was okay. I like dresses like this one - it hides the big arms and the string below the bust area gives a little curve to the body, very helpful for big ladies with big tummies. I loved this dress the first time I laid my eyes on it because it's not super formal dress... I am not sure if you can notice it on the picture, but it has this big pocket (like the ones you see on sweat shirts and jackets) near the end of the dress, so I can also wear this on normal days if I want to.

My shoes... it was the first time for me to wear it, and I found it really uncomfortable, because of the bump where I rest my toes. I am a very heavy woman, and my toes press the bump every step and it was painful. Good thing I bought my flip flops with me and I was able to change footwear after the event.

My Nails and Accessories

A little close up on my nails and accessories (as I wasn't able to take a good picture of my manicure prior to the event and it wasn't looking good anymore the day after). On my nails, I used Caronia "Gold Rush", Caress "Sparkling Pink", and Tony Moly "RE01". To achieve the cross on my accent nail. I used striping tape. I also used Bobbie Matte Top Coat. During weddings, I don't normally wear the color motif of the event, but since I attended Theresa's wedding last January, I think I will go with the motif on my nails. :)

A much detailed post about Caronia "Gold Rush" will be shared this weekend.

Happy mid-week, everybody!

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  1. you both look super cute. thanks so much for being part of wardrobe wednesday :-)


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