Thursday, January 24, 2013

The "Les Miserables" Experience

I am currently doing "A Movie a Day Project," which is quite similar to the ever popular "Project 365," although this one focuses on movies, obviously. I watch movies through different formats - VCD, DVD, and even those uploaded on YouTube. Of course, I would also love to watch movies at the cinema, but due to financial and time constraints, I already knew I won't be watching a whole lot of movies at the cinema.

Les Miserables

One of the movies I want to watch is "Les Miserables." I am very thankful that the musical-movie version of this came out now that I am already a fan of musicals. Before, I don't really like musicals, but thanks to the movie "RENT," followed by the launch of the show "Glee," I have started liking musicals. I already knew bits and pieces of the story, but I still want to watch it because of the raves it gathered.

Thankfully, I received an invitation for the special screening of "Les Miserables," thanks to Skintec, manufacturer of Fiona Cologne and Grips hair products. The screening was held at the Director's Club Theater of SM Mall of Asia, and although the place was way too far from our place (I had to travel 3 hours by bus),  I still went to watch it.

Watching in Comfort

I have watched quite a lot of movies at the cinema, but this would be the first time I'd watch a movie as comfortable as this! The Director's Club Theater of SM Mall of Asia seats only 30 people and everybody gets to seat on a La-Z-Boy. We were allowed to use the camera, but of course, when they turned off the lights, cameras weren't allowed anymore.


For snacks, we were served cheese flavored popcorn, a McDonald's quarter pounder burger, and a large cup of Coke. The movie ran for more than 2 hours and the screening started at 11:30am, so this became our lunch for that day.

Needless to say, I loved the movie! I loved the cinematography, the costume, the acting, and yes, the singing! I loved how I got to feel the presence of each of the (key) characters, although I would say the one with the least impact for me would have to be Russell Crowe, playing Inspector Javert. I don't know if its his singing voice that I don't like that much (it was a little - just a little - difficult to understand), but my heart sank towards the end, when he gave his medal to the dead Gavroche. Obviously, the ones receiving a whole lot of praises would be Anne Hathaway (Fantine) and Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean), but I love Samantha Barks as Eponine... she was just amazing!

I won't be running a full review of the movie because I am not as technical as that - I will leave the technical aspects of it to those who are more knowledgeable... I was there to enjoy the movie, and I did.


Outfit of the Day:
> Top - Bossini
> Capri Pants - Street Vives
> Footwear - Ipanema
> Eyewear - Firmoo Optical
> Bag - LeSportSac (thrifted)

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  1. ughh I have yet to see this and it is making me really mad! haha That is awesome!!! what a special treat! Love that you thrifted the bag!!
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