Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Worn Out Pair of Shoes

I love joining online contests, but of course, I choose the ones I join. Well, most of the contests only just include joining the site's GFC or FB Pages, so I see it as a wonderful way of winning items with just a few clicks. I am not really that lucky as I don't win every time, but I gotta say I have won a few giveaways / contests, recent being 10 pieces of Asian Secrets' beauty products.

Yesterday, I saw through a bloggers group on Facebook about a contest giving away a pair of Newton footwear, which really got me so interested. What to do earn a raffle entry? Post a picture of you with your oldest, most worn out pair of shoes.

My Worn Out Pair of Shoes

This is me when I went out for my morning walk / jog this morning. My pair of shoes is just two years old as I have always been a flip flop / sandals lady, but clearly it is now worn out - maybe because of my weight (I started at 226lbs). It still is okay, yes... but the part near the heels are obviously showing signs of wear and tear.

At the moment, I still use this pair because it still holds its shape and because I do my walk / jog just near our place, I don't feel the need (yet) to change this pair - I will just wait 'til it fully retires, or maybe time is just waiting for me to win the new pair of Newton shoes. :) Hopefully I win!

Details about my outfit -
Jacket: Gap | Jogging Pants: Vintage Cotton | Shoes: World Balance | Socks: Darlington

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